Client Reviews & Feedback

Kate (49), 2018

I had been suffering from suicidal depression since the age of 15…..I hated myself. I had tried a counselor previously who just listened and nodded, which only ranked up my past and left me feeling worse…I contacted Gerhard, still full of doubts that he could save me from what felt like my only way out. Whom I discovered was a friendly, instantly likable teacher, who guided me through coming to terms with numerous historical traumas dating back to early childhood, enabled me to understand how these events shaped my view of the world and my place in it, and led me to discover simple ways to recognize and deal with my negative thoughts and emotions. This patient and thoughtful guidance culminated in a whole new way of feeling. I put my trust in Gerhard and I am so glad I did. I’m 49 and just beginning to discover that I like waking up in the morning, and I don’t feel persecuted and scared all the time. Feeling “normal” feels great, and for actively helping me find that within myself, I cannot thank Gerhard enough.

Stephen (Trainee / Supervisee), 2015 

Having worked with Gerhard as a Systemic Therapist student, I can say that his knowledge, skills, and practice is without a shadow of doubt excellent. I felt privileged to work alongside Gerhard and so were some young people and their families. I trust the Gerhard will continue doing an excellent job whilst working with some of the most difficult and challenging environments.